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About Baxi

Baxi was founded in Britain in 1866 and as a well established name are synonymous with reliability, affordability and efficiency. They are part of the Baxi heating group along with other well-known brands such as Potterton, Main Heating, Megaflo, Potterton Commercial and Packaged Plant Solutions.

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They offer an extensive range of boilers, both combi and heat only, and have a strong team of over 250+ highly trained engineers and installers. With a dedicated nationwide call centre, Baxi are renowned for their customer service.

Baxi strives to be the best in the industry and have won or been nominated for several awards including Training Initiative of the Year and Northern Ireland's Heating & Plumbing Awards - Best Marketing Campaign and they are also a Which? Trusted Trader.

Baxi currently supply:

About Baxi's range of boilers

Baxi Platinum+ 40kW Combi boiler

The highly efficient Baxi 200, 400, 600 and Baxi Duo-tec combi are popular compact boilers that fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard making them great space-saving boilers for houses that don't have room for tanks or cylinders.

The Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi is an energy efficient boiler that meets the minimum rating required for Boiler Plus compliance and is also Energy Saving Trust Endorsed. This boiler has a 10 year warranty as standard.

The top of the range Baxi Platinum Combi, built in the UK using high quality brass components, has an EasyFill feature to enable you to top up the central heating system pressure without needing to call an engineer.

For customers wanting a standard heat only system the Baxi 200, 400 and 600 Heat boilers are a great choice. Their compact size and quiet operation mean they can be installed in a convenient location without any disruption. The 400 and 600 models also have the option of a rear flue for even neater installation.

All new boilers come with a warranty from the boiler manufacturer. This means that if you experience a genuine fault with the boiler during the 'warranty period', the manufacturer will repair the boiler free of charge. Depending on the chosen boiler Baxi warranties range from 3 years right up to 10 years.

A summary of Baxi's full range

Boiler Model Sizes Available Efficiency Warranty
Combi Boilers
Baxi 200 24kW | 28kW 89% 3 years
Baxi 400 24kW | 28kW 89% 5 years
Baxi 600 24kW | 30kW | 36kW 89% 7 years
Baxi 800 25kW | 30kW | 36kW 93% 10 years
Baxi Duo-tec 24kW | 28kW | 33kW | 40kW 88.5% - 88.6% 7 years
Baxi Platinum 24kW | 28kW | 33kW | 40kW 88.9% - 89% 10 years
Baxi Platinum+ 40kW 93% 10 years
Baxi EcoBlue+ 24kW | 28kW | 33kW 89.1% 7 years
Baxi EcoBlue Advance 24kW | 28kW | 30kW | 40kW 89.1% 10 years
Baxi 400 Combi LPG 28kW 89% 5 years
Baxi 600 Combi LPG 24kW | 30kW | 36kW 89% 7 years
Baxi Duo-tec LPG 28kw 88.6% 7 years
Standard Boilers
Baxi 200 Heat 12kW | 15kW | 18kW | 24kW | 30kW 89.1% - 89.2% 3 years
Baxi 400 Heat 12kW | 15kW | 18kW | 24kW | 30kW 89.1% - 89.2% 5 years
Baxi 600 Heat 13kW | 16kW | 19kW | 25kW | 30kW 89.1% - 89.2% 7 years
Baxi EcoBlue Heat 12kW | 15kW | 18kW | 21kW | 24kW 89.1% - 89.2% 2 years
Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat 13kW | 16kW | 19kW | 25kW | 30kW 89.1% - 89.2% 7 years
System Boilers
Baxi Megaflo System 15kW | 18kW | 24kW | 28kW | 32kW 88.5% - 88.6% 7 years
Baxi 600 System 15kW | 18kW | 24kW 93% 7 years
Baxi 800 System 18kW | 24kW 93% 10 years
Baxi 600 System LPG 24kW 93% 7 years

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