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Here at Evolve Maintenance we have been undertaking back boiler replacement across the UK for many years. We have extensive experience in removing back boilers and converting systems to a modern combi boiler. By using our online boiler quote tool or giving us a call we can advise the best replacement boiler model for your every day needs and give you a great price and a fixed price guarantee for boiler and installation. We will find a time most convenient to you, including weekends, and we're usually in and out in just 2 days.

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While we don't directly replace back boilers with back boilers, we convert your system to a much more modern and economical condensing combi boiler. Find out more about the types and sizes of boiler we offer here.

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About Back Boilers

A common back boiler

Still common to see, popular during the 1970's and 1980's when regular boilers were bigger and heavier. They were installed in a fireplace opening with a fire attached to the front. They are discontinued now.

By far the most popular back boiler was a BAXI Bermuda as they were very reliable and cost effective. There was also a condensing version which due to the cost never really took off.

A back boiler, like regular boilers, need a hot water cylinder and cold water fill tanks (header tank) to supply hot water and top up the heating system. Usually and easily converted to a combi, although converting to a regular is possible.

Evolve Maintenance has extensive experience in converting back boilers, removing and clearing the back boiler and associated pipework and installing a brand new combi boiler in a convenient location.

For further information on our new boiler installation and boiler replacement services across the UK, please give us a call or send us a message