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About Combi Boilers

An example combi boiler

A combi boiler, or combination boiler, are the most popular type of boiler today. Simply put they make hot water and heat your system up in one unit. They send hot water directly to your taps and radiators without the need to heat up the water in a storage tank first so there is no need for an additional hot water cylinder and a cold fill cistern or a header tank above thus saving you space and time.

They can be identified easily by the amount of pipes, they have typically 6-7.

They are most suitable if:

Condensing Boiler

A condensing boiler is one that includes a Flue Gas Heat Recovery System. This means that the heat produced by the gases burnt during heating is re-used to additionally heat the water therefore lowering energy bills and reducing the boiler's carbon footprint.

Since 2005 all new boilers have, by law, had to be condensing. After that date there was a criteria that still allowed none-condensing boilers to be fitted, although very few were as the flexibility of new boilers meant that they could be fitted almost anywhere.

You can identify a condensing boiler by the white steam emitted from the white plastic flue outside. Non-condensing boilers normally have a metal flue and the gases may not be visible because they're much hotter than those from a condensing boiler.

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